v3 Barrel Staves

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Display our hand-painted, repurposed barrel staves as wall art or use the stainless steel peg to show off your favorite objects.

Limited release of 37 pieces.


Lifecycle of a v3 Barrel Stave:

Bourbon is aged in charred-oak barrels by Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky.

Goose Island Brewery creates their coveted Bourbon County Stout in the bourbon-infused barrels.

Studio 1a.m. disassembles the barrels and creates one-of-a-kind painted staves.



Made of repurposed solid oak barrel staves

Mounts horizontally or vertically

Overall width is approximately 34.5" (thickness of staves varies)

One stainless steel peg included with each stave

Model credit: Rescue pup, Goldie.




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