Measure Me Stick


Measure Me Stick transforms the traditional ruler into a playful, modern object. Display as an original graphic piece or use to chart your child's growth through the years. Each piece is handmade in Chicago. Stainless steel mounting pegs included.



Solid wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Mounts above baseboards.

Measures from 1' to 7' (or .3 to 2.1 meters).

5.5" wide x .75" thick, 8lbs.


Due to box size regulations, sticks shipped outside the US and Canada are cut in two pieces. We recommend mounting them directly to the wall using drywall anchors (or whichever anchor is appropriate for the surface) so it looks like one continuous piece.

AIGA 365 Annual Design Review 31 & Publication
Communication Arts Design Annual
HOW Magazine, International Design Annual
Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago Design Archive


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