Wall Art for CB2 September 09 2013

Bourbon barrel staves from Chicago's Goose Island Brewery are repurposed for a third life as wall art. The material is sourced, and the artwork is designed and created in Chicago. A limited edition of 100 three-piece sets is available for purchase at www.cb2.com (update: the staves sold-out in the first week!).

Lifecycle of a v3 Barrel Stave:

_Bourbon is aged in new charred-oak barrels by Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky.

_Goose Island Brewery re-uses the bourbon-infused barrels to create their coveted Bourbon County Stout.

_Studio 1a.m. disassembles the barrels and creates one-of-a-kind painted staves.


It all started with a tour of Goose Island Brewery in Chicago. Cheers!

After brewing is complete and the barrels are no longer useable in the process, Studio 1a.m.

deconstructs the weathered oak barrels to reveal the individual character of each stave.

Edges are jointed to reveal new oak.

Each is masked and painted to complement the inherent markings.

Packaging up...

... a beautiful mess.